VX Heavens server seized by Ukraine police!

Under (article 361-1 Criminal Code of Ukraine – the creation of the malicious programs with an intent to sell or spread them) based on someone’s tip-off on “placement into the free access malicious software designed for the unauthorized breaking into computers, automated systems, computer networks”.

“The absurdity of such statement we need to prove in the court…”

This is a great resource for digital contagion research and has featured work by a host of academics including Jussi Parikka and my work in this area.

Take a look at the VX Heavens website – http://vx.netlux.org/index.html?show_abstract=mts02

They have a Facebook and Twitter campaign too.



2 thoughts on “VX Heavens server seized by Ukraine police!

  1. I have got a copy of the virus collection on my hard disk. If someone wants a copy of some samples, reply this comment.
    Please, don’t ask me to send the whole collection because it is 65 GB!

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