Affect Symposium 15th July 2022

Join us in east London for this special free event to preview The Affect Theory Reader II (Duke University Press, 2023).

JOINING LINK From 12.00-18.00 GMT on Fri 15th July:

About this event

Affect and Social Media/University of East London present a special Preview Symposium for the forthcoming publication of…

The Affect Theory Reader II

Worldings Tensions Futures

Coming sometime in the latter half of 2023: The Affect Theory Reader II: Worldings, Tensions, Futures from Duke University Press! Edited by Gregory Seigworth and Carolyn Pedwell, this event will preview work from a few of the book’s almost two dozen contributors.

The reader’s second edition promises to unsettle and reorient the futures of affect theory, to leave particular tensions and ambiguities even more gloriously unresolved, and to assemble a shimmer of inventories that refuses closure around any kind of “monoaffective imaginary” (in the words of Lauren Berlant). Let’s get uncomfortable and unlearn a lot of what has already been thought and felt by affect theory in order to imagine worldings that might open up otherwise and elsewhere. Or at least flail again, flail better.

In addition to the editors, Gregory Seigworth and Carolyn Pedwell, a full programme and schedule of speakers appears below…

The event is hosted by Affect and Social Media at US G 17 (Main lecture theatre) University Square Stratford Campus: University of East London (UEL)1 Salway Place, London, England, E15 1NF

The event includes a Sensorium performance

Digital Twins – A Metaverse Quest

“Dear Prudence you are part of everything!” sings Dr. Kenco inviting us to reshape ideas of the meta-verse into a materially vital virtuality. Entangle with the ubiquitous consciousness of matter! This year’s Sensorium features an “immersive” dialogue between Confessor Kimey Peckpo and his Ai twin, Dr Pimpsy Kenco, developed by Peckpo and a team at CCNI. Expressing vibrant matter by an aggregate of algorithms, Kenco (Knowledge Emerging Neuro Cognitive Oscillator), leads us into a meta-physical entanglement with the virtual.

SO! Fasten your sensory seatbelt as you plunge in a visceral voyage of intellectual adventure and oceanic immersion. Peckpo and Kenco’s dialogue will pull you into a memorable, tangible-virtual, mind-bending assemblage of visual and sound sensations: a brain tingling wonder world of made-up meta-experience!!!”

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