See link to role as co-founder of the Cultural Engine Research Group and Club Critical Theory – CERG blog

Internally Funded Projects (Public Engagement)

  • Project Lead on Website and UX Research (awarded £2,000) with Essex CC Resorting to the Coast development
  • Project Lead on Resorting to the Coast Conference organisation and management of student volunteers (awarded £4,000 plus £8,000 from Essex CC HLF)
  • Project Lead on Silvertown Sessions: Supporting the Communication Needs of the Local Community (awarded £750)

Research Internship Fund

  • Project Lead on Digital Food Cultures Focus Groups (awarded £2,000)
  • Project Lead on EmotionUX Lab Website Project (awarded £2,000)

Impact Fund

  • Project Lead on Essex Futures Conference – a 2 Day Conference at the Civic Centre in Southend-on-Sea (awarded £2,500)

Research and Public Engagement Conferences Organised

4x Affect and Social Media Interdisciplinary and International UEL Conferences/Symposia: LINKS

CERG/CCT Conferences 

External and Collaborative Funding Projects applied for 

  • Proposed Project Partner (with ActiViM) on collaborative application submitted to Europe for Citizens “Understanding the European Past of Fascism Cultures: Actions towards a Virtual Museum.” (10,000Euro).
  • Proposed Project Lead on CERC/DSWG/UEL “Creative Digital: Southend” project – bid to “Make Happen” (HEFCE and Essex University), (£95, 000).
  • Proposed partner on collaborative application submitted to the 4th HERA Joint Research Programme “Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe.” (160, 000Euro of 1 millionEuro).
  • Proposed PI for Virality/Journalism project made to AHRC (£500k).
  • Proposed Project Partner for Digital Piracy projectbid made to British Academy (£10k).