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City Interaction Lab Podcast

City Interaction Lab Podcast – Episode 6 – An Introduction to Virality and Contagion Theory – A conversation with Tony D Sampson (University of East London)

April 29, 2020

In the sixth episode of the City Interaction Lab podcast Stuart catches up with Tony D Sampson a Reader in Digital Culture and Communication at the University of East London. In this timely episode Tony talks us through his work in Virality and Contagion Theory and how they apply to Social Networks and wider society. We also touch on his origins as an indie rocker, his experiences with viral marketers and the impact of Covid-19. With a few plugs for his new book ‘A Sleepwalkers Guide to Social Media‘ included for good measure.

If you want to understand how philosophy, neurology and sociology relate to Facebook and Snapchat then this is the episode for you.

City Interaction Lab Podcast is a series of thought provoking design focused interviews and opinions brought to you by City Interaction Lab and the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design at City, University of London.