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Full programme for Beijing conference on Media Philosophy and Cognitive Science announced…

Flying on Thurs to China for the first time. This looks like a really interesting programme.

Media Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and the Future of the Humanities

International Summit Conference: Media Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and the Future of the Humanities

Place: Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

Time: Oct. 27 to 28, 2018

Since 2013, Beijing Normal University hosts an international conference addressing a theme central to humanistic inquiry.  Interdisciplinary in scope, method, and perspective, the conference seeks to provide a forum for exchanging ideas in the Humanities that will be of significance and interest to academic communities in both China and beyond.  Toward that end in keeping with its established practice, this year’s conference brings together sixteen scholars whose work, ranging from media studies, philosophy, cognitive science, and literary and critical theories, promises to help expand the tradition this conference has established.  The possible topics to be explored include: media, technologies and epistemics, media and philosophers, neuroscience, humanism, non-humanism, and anti-humanism, elements and environment, politics of remediation, and others.



Round Table Discussion



October 27, 2018, Saturday: 8:30-17:30  2018年10月27日(周六)8:30-17:30

October 28, 2018, Sunday: 8:30-11:30   2018年10月28日(周日)8:30-11:30


Conference Hall No.6, Jingshi Hotel, BNU


Opening Ceremony


Opening Address


Session I 第一场

October 27, 8:30-11:30 am      10月27日(周六)上午8:30-11:30

Chair: Briankle G. Chang; Discussant: Mary Ann Doane, Shunya Yoshimi


Siegfried Zielinski: Generators of Surprise: Diverse Media Thinking


Mark Hansen: How Can the Mind Participate in (Artificial) Communication?: An Alternate Path Toward Thinking (with) Machines


David Gunkel: Other Things: AI, Robots and Society


Luo Yuejia: Neural Mechanism for Emotion and Cognitive Function


Session II 第二场

October 27: 2:00 – 5:30 pm     10月27日(周六)下午2:00-5:30

Chair: Siegfried Zielinski; Discussant: Sybille Krämer, Tony Sampson


Mary Ann Doane: The Concept of Immersion: Mediated Space and the Location of the Subject


Myung-koo Kang: How a Gaze Can Become Violence: Representations of the North Korean Sports Team to Pyeongchang Olympic


Christina Vagt: Outsourcing the Intellect


Xu Yingjin: Why Does General Artificial Intelligence Need the Husserlian Notion of “Intentionality”?


Jiang Yi: The Fuzzy Boundary of Cognitive Science and Humanities


Session III 第三场

October 28: 8:30-11:30 am 10月28日上午(周日)8:30-11:30

Chair: Myung-koo Kang; Discussant: Mark Hansen, David J. Gunkel


Sybille Krämer: Media as Cultural Techniques: From Inscribed Surfaces to Digital Interfaces


Shunya Yoshimi: Cultural Sustainability and the Redefinition of Humanities: The Role of University in the 21st century Globalized Society


Liu Chao: Effect of Mortality Salience on Guilt and Shame and Its Neurocognitive Mechanism


Tony Sampson: Transitions in Human–Computer Interaction: From Data Embodiment to Experience Capitalism


Briankle G. Chang: Spectral Media


Workshop Sessions


Workshop 1.  Stars and Clouds: Literature, Science, and the Media Philosophy of Michel Serres


Time: October 28, 2018, Sunday: 14:30-17:00

Venue: Conference Hall No.6, Jingshi Hotel, BNU



Chair: Christina Vagt, Free Talk,


Workshop 2.  Affect and Social Media


Time: October 29, 2018, Monday: 9:00-11:30

Venue: Conference Room 5058, Area C, Main Building, School of Chinese Language

and Literature, BNU



Chair: Tony D. Sampson, Free Talk