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Rizosfera :: Neuro-paesaggi digitali. Intervista a Tony D Sampson (Rizonomia, RZN002)

A Big Thank You to Rizosfera… 11 Introduzione di Rizosfera Tony D. Sampson è un docente della University of East Lon-don che si occupa di new media, filosofia e cultura digitale. Lavora da sempre su un impervio crocevia non convenzionale … Continue reading

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Review of the Assemblage Brain

Tero Karppi has written a nice review of The Assemblage Brain for AI & Society Journal. It’s actually more than a mere “review” of this book since it also makes a number of knowing references to developments (and improvements) made … Continue reading

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Digital Neuroland :: An Interview with Tony D. Sampson by Rizosfera collective, July 2017

Many thanks to Rizofera collective for this interview –  soon to be published along with some other conversations (translated in Italian too). The original is here with some added images by Francesco Tacchini and Dorota Piekorz. http://obsoletecapitalism.blogspot.com.es/2017/08/digital-neuroland-interview-with-tony-d.html?spref=fb Text from Obsolete … Continue reading

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Digital Contagions and The Assemblage Brain Launch 7pm, 7th March (2017) at King’s College London in The Strand

Final shout on this one… Experiencing Digital Culture Please do join us (Jussi Parikka and Tony D Sampson) at King’s College London (The Strand) for a free event to celebrate the recent publication of these two books. Digital Contagions The … Continue reading

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The Deadends – A celebration of a made-up culture

Thrilled to be celebrating Mikey B Georgeson’s Deadends (a made-up culture) show at Studio One Gallery in Wandsworth (6pm) on 23rd Feb. The documentary The Deadends (in search of truth) was recently shown at the ICA 100 years of Dada giving rise … Continue reading

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The Deadends and The (Sonic) Assemblage Brain

On 23rd Feb Studio One Gallery is celebrating the Deadends  (a made-up culture by Mikey Georgeson). This show will feature the first ever discoveries of Deadend sonic artefacts. The Deadends resonance (recently detected by Doctor Andy Barrett) with extracts from … Continue reading

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In January, February and March 2017, through talks, performances, film screenings, a reading group, Brainstorms, an exhibition of student works and a conference-festival at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Studium Generale Rietveld Academie & Rietveld Uncut are collaborating on an extensive, … Continue reading

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