Review of the Assemblage Brain

Tero Karppi has written a nice review of The Assemblage Brain for AI & Society Journal. It’s actually more than a mere “review” of this book since it also makes a number of knowing references to developments (and improvements) made between Virality and The Assemblage Brain.

Here’s Tero’s concluding remarks…

“Sampson’s vision of media culture is dark, original and innovative. In a Tardean manner, Sampson develops his own voice through the ability to adapt texts and ideas that have not been brought together and produce something original.
Sampson’s book is an assemblage, which expands the way brain can be thought and gives the name of “neuroculture” to our everyday dystopia, which is not the future, but has already occupied “all corners of cultural, social, political and economic life” (ix).” Karppi, T. AI & Soc (2018).

Looking forward to Tero’s Disconnect book! Due in spring this year (2018).

Just to note that the full review is here and if you do not have institutional access it costs money.

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