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Reworking the Brain in Berlin


Fri, 01.02.2019
15:30 to 17:00

What happens when the neurosciences shape culture and promise to assist in overcoming traumas and conflicts? Can technologies like VR foster new ways of understanding? Is it possible to expand the plasticity of the brain? In this panel, Hyphen-Labs present excerpts from their work NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism. They underline the importance of understanding how synaptic lineages are made, harvested, and experienced and discuss how speculative practices can assist in collectively materializing and (re)imagining memories, experiences, and future scenarios. Tony D Sampson introduces his thesis on neuroculture, which argues that capitalism is increasingly colonizing of our brains. However, the coincidence of capitalism and the neurosciences (neurocapitalism) points as much to what the brain can do, as it reveals what can happen to the brain.

The panel is organized in collaboration with Winchester School of Art.


A&SM#4 Registration Closed & Speaker List

A&SM#4 Registration closed at 12.00am this morning

Sorry. We can’t accept any more online registrations.

A&SM#4 Speakers List

Tony D Sampson (University of East London, UK)

Lisa Mooney (University of East London, UK)

Stephen Maddison (University of East London, UK)

Mikey Georgeson (University of East London, UK)

Lisa Blackman (Goldsmiths, UK)

Camilla Møhring Reestorff (Aarhus University, Denmark)

Heather Radwan Jaber (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Vered Elishar-Malka (Yezreel Valley College, Israel)

Yaron Ariel (Yezreel Valley College, Israel)

Dana Weimann-Saks (Yezreel Valley College, Israel)

Suzanne van Geuns (University of Toronto, Canada)

Maximilian Stobbe, (Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany)

Orsolya Bajusz (Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary)

Fadi Safieddine, (Queen Mary University, UK)

Fulla Abdul-Jabbar (School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA)

Angie Voela (University of East London, UK)

Sarah Cefai (London College of Communication, UK)

Ali Lara (University of East London, UK)

Elena Pilipets (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria)

Andreas Schellewald (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Josie Barnard (Middlesex University, UK)

Annelot Prins (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

Trenton Lee (University of Westminster, UK)

Antonia Hernández (Concordia University, Canada)

Patricia Clough (CUNY, USA)

Greg Seigworth (Millersville, USA)

Jessica Ringrose (University College London, UK)

Amit Rai (Queen Mary, UK)

Rebecca Coleman (Goldsmiths, UK)

Ian Tucker (University of East London, UK)

Darren Ellis (University of East London, UK)

A&SM#4 – Registration closes Monday 5th Nov

Please note that free registration for A&SM#4 closes on Monday 5th Nov. Following university security procedures attendees must be registered online (see link below) before they can enter the USS campus on the day of the conference.

A&SM#4: Notifications from the Technological Nonconscious

Venue: UEL’s University Square Stratford (USS) campus

Date: Weds 7th Nov 2018

Times: Registration 10.00-11.00*, Conference 11.00-18.45, Book launch 19.00-22.00

Keynote by Patricia Ticineto Clough: The User Unconscious: Embodiment and Thought

Keynote panel includes Gregory J. Seigworth (Millersville), Jessica Ringrose (UCL), Amit Rai (Queen Mary), Rebecca Coleman (Goldsmiths), Darren Ellis and Ian Tucker (East London).

Programme includes a special guest appearance by the Sensorium’s Prof Kimey Peckpo.

“As our social, cultural, political and emotional lives become increasingly entangled with fake news, hate speech, and misinformation on social media, it’s surely time to reflect” (Peckpo, 2018).

Affect and Social Media#4 also includes

  • 7 panel discussions on emotionally charged social media issues
  • Further interventions by the Sensorium art group
  • A book launch with live music and Sensorium performances

*The conference is free to attend, but all attendees must register online by Monday 5th Nov before checking in at the registration desk at USS between 10-11am on the day of the conference.


Updated conference information including full programme and link to registration:

The Affect and Social Media book:

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Latest additions to A&SM#4 programme

We are very pleased to announce the latest addition to the A&SM#4 programme appearing in the first session just after 11am.

“In a social media environment awash with fake news and misinformation the Sensorium proudly present Prof Kimey Peckpo, University of Aufklärung: Notifications from the Technological Nonconscious.”

Affect-HighRes (51)

The full updated programme for A&SM#4 can be downloaded here:


The Sensorium at A&SM#4

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Artists Dean Todd and Mikey B Georgeson will be curating more Sensorium events at this year’s 4th A&SM conference. Expect more liminal performances, the Actual Occasion silent disco and live music at the Affect and Social Media book launch from the Indelicates

See A&SM#4 information page: