A&SM#4.5 Closing Conference Party

Closing Conference Party


What an interesting couple of days it has been. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the panels. What a great anarchive we have produced in a very short amount of time. A round of virtual applause. Please keep on posting and sharing.

All the best,

The A&SM organising team.

Before Covid-19, for we had planned a closing party event to celebrate the closing of  A&SM#5 conference.

Please keep in touch with this blog. We will be back with this programme: https://viralcontagion.blog/asm5-summer-2020/

‘Live’ Music

David Devant & His Spirit Wife

As part of this event we were to have a musical performance by Mikey B Georgeson. While we wait for A&SM#5, here’s a video of the song Mikey’s was going to perform.

Music video for David Devant & His Spirit Wife. Produced and edited by Cameron Poole. Lip synch, and drawings Mikey Georgeson. Footage and photos contributed by John Marshall, James Foster and Richard Grimsdale Yates. Taken from a new album here

Cameron Poole

Mikey’s debut album with David Devant & His Spirit Wife in 1998 was a huge influence on Cameron Poole’s own music, which was put on hold for twenty years when he moved to Asia in 2002. Whilst living in Thailand and China, music production was replaced with a knack for video editing and graphic design. After rediscovering Devant on Facebook in 2017, a year after repatriating to the UK, he saw them live for the first time a year later and gradually became acquainted with Mikey and his other creative projects. A mutual appreciation of each others talents developed and lead to Cameron being invited to create a backdrop video for a Devant gig last December. This resulted in the opportunity to make a video for ‘Data Streams’ – a new track on the 2019 Devant album, Cut Out & Keep Me. A planned video shoot for another track, ‘Rake’, was thwarted by the Covid 19 pandemic, however, the subsequent lockdown has cultivated creativity and inspiration on both sides and sometimes they overlap.

Book Launch

A Sleepwalker’s Guide to Social Media

We also had some funding from Polity Press to launch Tony D Sampson’s new book, A Sleepwalker’s Guide to Social Media, published in June 2020. Here’s a short video introduction to the book.

Video by Devil John and dystopic music by John Leo Dutton

A Sleepwalker’s Guide to Social Media, is now available from Polity


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