A&SM#5>More-Than>June 25-26th 2020, East London

The next Affect & Social Media International Conference and Sensorium Art Show will be hosted in east London by UEL at its USS Stratford Building on 25-26th June 2020.

The theme for this 5th A&SM will be:


A full conference call for papers, presentations and artworks along with a submission schedule will follow early in the New Year. For now, please see below a developing list of potential More-Than themes.

A New Syntax for the User Experience – Mikey B Georgeson

More-than connectivity>>More-than data power>>More-than information>>More-than user experience>>More-than democray>>More-than words>>More-than feelings>>More-than art>>More-than design>>More-than atmospheres>>More-than human>>More-than-more-thans

Other possible More-Than Topics

  • The light and dark ages of social media data excess
  • Surplus affect
  • Art excess
  • Breaching thresholds
  • Frustrating immunological systems
  • Anomalous overproduction
  • More-than hate!
  • Time waste management
  • Waste time management
  • More-than platforms
  • More-than atmospheres
    • Dirty clouds
    • Toxic sludge
  • Psychologies of the more-than-human
  • More-than strategies
  • More-than potentialities
  • More-thans, yet to come


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