Next Silvertown Session 28th Nov on Youth and the Community

Next CERG event in Silvertown

Community Engagement Initiative

Youth in the Community

This Silvertown Sessions invite you to debate Youth in the
from a range of viewpoints, including strategies for youth empowerment, critical thinking on youth crime prevention
practice and neighbourhood policing, as well as local perspectives from
community leaders on youth safety. We will also hear from Newman Council
about the Mayor’s Youth Safety Board and invite you to have your
say on these policies.

Join the Debate

Youth culture can play an incredibly important role in sustaining
and reinventing the local community. Youth can bring together and refresh

In the past decade, local communities have seen funding cuts to
many youth services and crime prevention agencies supposed to help young people
flourish and maintain stability in the community. The current rise in youth
related violence is arguably a symptom of this decline leaving all of
the community feeling increasingly unsafe.

Can this decline be…

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