Programme for Digital Ecologies II: Fiction Machines

Digital Ecologies II: Fiction Machines

Tuesday 16 July, 2019
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Commons CM107 and 108
Bath Spa University
Newton Park, Newton St Loe, Bath, BA2 9BN

Programme Schedule


09:15 – 10:00                    Coffee and Registration                                CM.107/108



10:00 – 10:15                    Welcome and Introduction:                        CM.107/108

Charlie Tweed (Bath Spa University)



10:15 – 11:00                    Keynote Lecture 1:                                           CM.107/108

Professor Simon O’Sullivan


Fictioning: Mythopoesis, Myth-Science and Mythotechnesis


                                           Chair: Charlie Tweed




11:00 – 12.35                    Panel 1: Activist Fictions                                 CM.107/108                        


Ami Clarke

covfefe – language in a meme economy


Ada Hao

NAUT-ADA: (m)other eye


John Wild

Psychogeography in the Digitally Expanded City


Alberto Micali

         The machinic conspiracies of data leaks


Chair: Ramon Bloomberg




12:35 – 13:30                    Lunch                                                                      Atrium   


Viewing of Rod Dickinson’s Fear Filter



13:30 – 13:45                    Performance: Ami Clarke                            Screening Room


        Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams (2010 –

ongoing) and Low Animal Spirits (2014).




13.45 – 15:00                    Panel 2: Non human Fictions                              CM107/108


Stephanie Moran and Alex Hogan

alien holobiontology: a collaborative multi-species eco-sci-fi


Jennet Thomas



Andy Weir

Call for a Geo-fictionalised Atomic Priesthood



                                Chair: Rebecca Smith




15.00 – 16:35                     Panel 3: Speculative Fictions (parallel)            CM.107/108                                                          


Hugh Frost

Mould Map EARTH PANTROPY: Near Future

Visions in Sequential Digital Art.


Garfield Benjamin

Human-DEcentred design: Speculative

fiction, design and ethics for a future after   humanity


Teodora Sinziana Fartan

Reframing Futures: Speculative Strands and Fictions from an Uneven Aftertime



Chair: Andy Weir




15.00 – 16:35                     Panel 4: Post Truth Fictions                      CM.111



Maud Craigie

Bad Evidence: The Fictions of Interrogation


Michelle Atherton

Repository of Irrational Gestures (RIG’s):

A Performative Lecture/Screening



Rebecca Smith

Parafictions and Contemporary Art 2008-2018



Ramon Bloomberg

Facial Fictions: Identity and Recognition in the




Chair: Ami Clarke




16:45 –17.30                     Keynote Lecture 2                                            CM.107/108


Tony David Sampson


Feeling Facts and Fakes in the Speculative Contagion of  Shock Events



Chair: Charlie Tweed




17.30                               Wine Reception                                                      CM.107/108



17:45 – 18.30                   Final Performances & films                               CM.107/108





        Harry Meadows and Andy Weir






                                     Charlie Tweed



       Bjørn Erik Haugen

                                       The Pen is mightier than the Word





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