“Tap My Head and Mike My Brain: Neuromarketing and Addiction” Talk at Central Saint Martins in early Nov

Very pleased to confirm that I’ll be speaking at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts, London) in early November (date tbc) at a special public symposium to discuss a new book called Are We All Addicts Now?  (Liverpool University Press, Sept 2017). The book is co-edited by Vanessa Bartlett and Henrietta Bowden-Jones and designed by Stëfan Schäfer and it sounds wonderful (chiming very well with themes discussed in my latest book, The Assemblage Brain). For example, the work looks at emergent pathologies such as internet addiction as “symptomatic” of a “new human environment.”

As well as contextualizing “internet addiction” Are We All Addicts Now? is “part art book, part quasi self-help manual,” It encourages self-reflection, but is explicitly “not therapy.” 🙂

There’s also going to be an exhibit and launch at Furtherfield Gallery in London in September.

My talk will probably be titled “Tap My Head and Mike My Brain: Neuromarketing and Addiction” – the title of my short chapter in the book and a title borrowed from Jussi Parikka’s reference to Pynchon in his blurb for The Assemblage Brain.

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