Images, video and music from The Deadends

Highly recommend a trip to see Mikey Georgeson’s The Deadends (a celebration of a made-up culture) “experience” at Studio One Gallery in Wandsworth (a 10min walk from East Putney on the District Line). Open now weekends until 12th March.

Here’s some images, video and music from the opening night…

Deadends Artefact at Studio One Gallery

Dramatic shot of a Deadends Artefact

I want to thank Maurice the Dodo for delivering part of my Assemblage Brain talk on the virality of birdsong!

The documentary The Deadends (in search of truth) was recently shown at the ICA 100 years of Dada “giving rise to the misplaced idea that they are a made-up cult rather than culture”

There was a wonderful live jam (with Andy Barrett) of Deadend Resonance 2 (The Somnambulist)

Tony Sampson and Mikey Georgeson

The Dada Cabaret Artist in the Gallery

Tony Sampson

My talk just before the Dodo brilliantly intervened…


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