Affect theory WTF kicks off


It’s more packed than this photo shows…

Lancaster PA – Wednesday – no it’s Thursday already

Session on affective labo[u]r

Great papers on emotional advertising – how affect theory draws attention to spreadability and consumer engagement. Emily West on Amazon – two sides of affective labour. Happy consumer/unhappy warehouse worker.

Tyler Hinson on graphic designers living/working in affective atmospheres…

Makes point that designers need to be in the “the City” – London, Manchester… urban not in the sticks

Felt experiences in the city – micro perceptions

Raw materials filtered thru briefs, branding

Job to seek out new affects….

Kristin Swenson

Affective labor in the neoliberal university – according Spinoza. I love my job – Willing slaves of capitalism – the uni lecturer! 🙂 Endless hours sitting at conferences – striving to be [at work]. And writing this dammed post. Working for Free – well with some expenses

Live to make the student happy. Me, us?

Goal in neolib uni – Take back time – slow it down, joyful eventful time. I’m there.

Donald Hedrick… is boring an affect? – etymologist of fun and boredom… Shakespeare on boredom

Mmm is affect boring? Not yet 🙂

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