Affect and Social Media Symposium #2

We are planning another Affect and Social Media Symposium earmarked for Fri 25th March 2016. This will be hosted by the EmotionUX lab at UEL again. The draft call is as follows – to be officially sent out later this month.

If anyone is interested in presenting please keep an eye out for the call…

Affect and Social Media Symposium #2 (2016)

Fri 25th March, University of East London, Docklands

Call for 15min Presentations/Position Papers

Following on from the success of last year’s Affect and Social Media research symposium, the emotionUX lab in the School of Arts and Digital Industries at UEL, and in collaboration this year with Cass School of Education and Communities at UEL, will be hosting a second event continuing to explore the relation between social media, affect, feelings and emotions.

Numerous well publicised studies from various fields have claimed that our interaction with social media produce emotional experiences. For example, regular access to Facebook is supposed to have a negative impact on mood and subjective well-being (Kross et al, 2013). Likewise, emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, ‘leading people to experience the same emotions without their awareness’ (Kramer, 2014), while positive emotions, like joy, are regarded as more likely to spread than negative ones (Berger and Milkman, 2010).

This year’s call for presentations asks potential contributors to question how emotional experiences can be shaped through connecting with social media. That is to say, how can we grasp social media as ‘working in concert with bodies in the production of emotional and affective activity’ (Ellis and Tucker, 2015: 177)?

We welcome proposals for 15min presentations/position papers on a wide variety of themes that might include…

Addiction to social media
Affect theory relating to social media
Care, emotions and social media
Methodologies relating to emotion, affect and social media
Consumption, emotions and affect
Emotional and affective contagions
Emotional social media design (theory and practice)
Ethical considerations
Felt experiences on social media
Social gaming and emotions
HCI and emotion
Learning, emotion and social media
Marketing, emotion and social media
Networked emotions
Online emotional ethnographies
Pervasive computing and emotion
Emotions and privacy
Emotions and security
Sharing emotions
Emotions and trust
The politics of emotional user experiences

Please send a title and brief outline (100words) to and by tbc.

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