Red Tape N°4b — Conflict territories

Red Tape series

Why does the present look, sound and feel the way it does? What should it look, sound and feel like? Red Tape tries to address these questions by tackling contemporary issues that relate to and impact on visual culture. As a multidisciplinary forum it covers topics ranging from the political to the economical, from the aesthetic to the computational.

Red Tape N°4b — Conflict territories

Courtyard Gallery 1, Kensington Campus, Royal College of Art

Tuesday 28th April, 7—9pm

Red Tape introduces a discussion focusing on conflicts within urban and non-urban territories through the lenses of art, architecture and design. Architect Godofredo Pereira, designer Tobias Revell, curator Michaela Crimmin and writer Anna Minton discuss conflicts related to control and urbanisation, the strategic role of art in the city and that of natural resources at the edge of the city.

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