Pre-election CCT special at the Railway Hotel 3rd May (Bank Holiday Weekend)

Pre-election CCT special at the Railway 3rd May (Bank Holiday Weekend)

We have now confirmed the date of our next CCT event – a pre-election special on Sunday 3rd May at 8pm – the Bank Holiday weekend before the election. We will be upstairs at the Railway, probably back in our usual room. More details will follow, but we are focusing on the role critical theory can play in making political activism work in Southend.

In times of relentless austerity drives that affect the poor more than anyone, and the scapegoating of immigrants and people on benefits, while the rich evade their taxes and hide away in gated palaces in London and offshore utopias, surely this isn’t the time to turn to the right; to UKIP! So why are so many people in this area doing so? Why do the working class people of Essex seek their own repression?

Our guest speaker, Prof. Jeremy Gilbert, has recently published this excellent book

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