Details of the first CCT Event

We are open to 1am on the 17th and it’s free!! See you upstairs at the Railway at 9pm.

Community Engagement Initiative

First CCT Event

Club Critical Theory: making sense of place: creating a critical space for southend-on-sea

Heaths copy

Giles Tofield chairs this CCT discussion including introductions to Bourdieu’s habit (Andrew Branch, UEL) and Deleuze’s assemblages (Tony D Sampson, UEL).

Guest DJ: Stuart Bowditch

Date:17th April

Time:9pm – late

Venue:Upstairs at the Railway Hotel, Clifftown Road, Southend On Sea (near to Southend Central Rail Station

Free entry

Social Media:; Twitter: @CCT_onSea

We welcome your contributions

The Talks

Deleuze, Contagion & the New Brighton
Tony D Sampson (UEL)

This talk will engage with the ideas of Gilles Deleuze in order to grasp how urban space, place and time might emerge. Firstly, we need to rethink the idea of Southend as a holistic entity (e.g. Southend the brand) and instead imagine it as a multiplicity. The focus then needs to shift away from essential…

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