Crowd, Power and Post-democracy in the 21st Century

Crowd, Power and Post-democracy in the 21st Century. Interviews on digital populism and recent European political phenomena.

“Rural fascism and city or neighborhood fascism, youth fascism and war veteran’s fascism, fascism of the Left and fascism of the Right, fascism of the couple, family, school, and office: every fascism is defined by a micro-black hole that stands on its own and communicates with the others, before resonating in a great, generalized central black hole. There is fascism when a war machine is installed in each hole, in every niche. Only microfascism provides an answer to the global question: ‘Why does desire desire its own repression, how can it desire its own repression?’

(Giles Deleuze, A Thousand Plateaus, pg.271)

Keep your eyes open for a series of interviews to be initially published (in English and Italian) on both Rizomatika and Obsolete Capitalism starting from this Saturday (Sept 14th).

There will also be a specially designed e-book published by December with all the interviews free to download.

Here’s the running order…

saturday 14th Sept: Jussi Parikka (english)

saturday 21st Sept: Saul Newman (english)

saturday 28 Sept: Tony D. Sampson (english)

saturday 5 Oct: Simon Choat (english)

saturday 12 Oct: Alberto Toscano (english)

saturday 19 Oct: Jussi Parikka (italian translation)

saturday 26 Oct: Saul Newman (italian translation)

saturday 2 Nov: Tony D. Sampson (italian translation)

saturday 9 Nov: Simon Choat (italian translation)

saturday 16 Nov: Alberto Toscano (italian translation)

saturday 23 Nov: Lapo Berti (italian)

saturday 30 Nov: Luciana Parisi (italian)

saturday 7 Dec: Maurizio Lazzarato (italian)

saturday 14 Dec: WM1 (italian, tbc)

saturday 21 Dec: Lapo Berti (english translation)

saturday 28 Dec: Luciana Parisi (english translation)

saturday 4 Jan: Maurizio Lazzarato (english translation)

saturday 11 Jan: WM1 (italian translation, tbc)

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