Remodelling Communication by Gary Genosko

As prelude to Virality there are some very interesting references to an early take on the scrambling of the Shannon and Weaver communication model I wrote about back in 2006. Genosko’s book is a much better read though. Finding a way to slot my rhizome model into a fascinating account of the development of communication models. I have just received a hardback copy from Toronto Press. It must be out soon. A really good read!

Here’s the blurb.

Remodelling Communication

Covering major developments from post-war cybernetics and telegraphy to the Internet and our networked society, Remodelling Communication explores the critical literature from across disciplines and eras on the models used for studying communications and culture. Proceeding model-by-model, Genosko provides detailed explanations of mathematical, semiotic, and reception theory’s encoding/decoding models, as well as Baudrillard’s critique of models and general models that bring together a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Providing a dynamic, forward-looking reorientation towards a new universe of reference, Remodelling Communication makes a significant, productive contribution to communication theory.

Gary Genosko is Canada Research Chair in Technoculture and a professor in the Department of Sociology atLakeheadUniversity.

Here’s the model, which, as Genosko points out, was inspired by Sylvano Bussotti’s rhizomatic score featured in Deleuze and Guattari’s Thousand Plateaus.

SeeSenders, Receivers and Deceivers: How Liar Codes Put Noise Back on the Diagram of Transmission” (some problems with this link. Also published here, but again some problems here too! – need to explore what is happenning at VX Heaven!)

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