Schedule for Neuroaffect streams at the Capacious conference in August

Here’s the schedule and line up for the two Neuroaffect streams at the Capacious conference in Lancaster, PA in August, and below there’s a link to the entire programme, which looks wonderful.

Thursday, August 9

(01:10 PM — 02:50 PM)

S15(02) Neuroaffect (Neuroaffect 2)

Tony D Sampson (chair)

Darren Kelsey: Neuropolitics, affective mythology and murmurations: a critical approach to culture, ideology and consciousness

Ali Lara: The Affective Subject. Ontological considerations from Neurosciences to Psychology

Holly Avella: Neuroplasticity’s Affective Conduits

Brett Ingram: Political Junkies: Affective Politics and Addictive Rhetoric


Saturday, August 11

01:10 PM — 02:50 PM

S15(01) Neuroaffect (Neuroaffect 1)

Mona Mannevuo: Nudging the Unconscious: uses of neuroeconomics in the universal basic income experiment

James Ash: Neuroaffective Design and Fintech: nonintentional experience in high cost short term credit

Tero Karppi: Facebook’s Laboratory of Emotion

Tony D Sampson (chair): The Collective Effect: The politics of [shared user] experience


Full Programme:

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