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Special Issue: Blurring Digital Culture

MAST: The Journal of Media Art Study and Theory

Special Issue: Blurring Digital Media Culture

Edited by Tony D. Sampson and Jernej Markelj

Vol. 4 | No. 1 | April 2023 (COMING VERY SOON)

Blurring Digital Media Culture special issue for MAST cfp

If you’re into the blurs between media theory and media arts practice, then you may be interested in submitting to our Blurring Digital Media Culture special issue for MAST. We’re keen to attract people already working in the blurs, cracks, in-betweens, not-in-betweens, entangled, indistinctness, and messiness of digital media cultures. Contact me to discuss.


Call for papers: Affect, Politics, Social Media

Call for papers: Affect, Politics, Social Media
In prolongation of Affect and Social Media #3 Conjunctions: Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation welcomes proposals that interpret and explore affective and emotional encounters with social media and the ways in which the interfaces of social media in return modulate affectivity. Fake news have come to be a highly debated framework to understand the consequences of the entanglements of affect, politics and social media. But theories on fake news often fail to grasp the consequences and significance of social media content that are not necessarily fake, but are merely intended to affectively intensify certain political positions. 
It is in this context that it becomes crucial to understand the role of affect in relation to the ways in which social media interfaces function, how affective relations are altered on social media and not least how politics is transformed in the attempt to capitalize on the affective relations and intensities potentially fostered on social media. 
This special issue invites empirical, theoretical and practical contributions that focus on recent (political) media events – such as Brexit, the US and French elections and the refugee crisis – and how these unfolded on, and are informed by, social media. Proposals might, for instance, address how the Trump campaign allows us to develop a new understanding of the relationship between social media and politics. As such the issue seeks papers that develop new understandings of affective politics and take into account shared experiences, affective intensities, emotional engagements and new entanglements with social media.

For more information, including author guidelines, please visit http://www.conjunctions-tjcp.com/
Deadline 28 November 2017
Articles must be submitted to conjunctions@cc.au.dk 

All the best

Tony Sampson, Camilla Reestorff, Hannah Clemmensen, Jonas Fritsch and Jette Kofoed

Ephemera call for papers on special issue on Affective Capitalism

This from the organizers of the Affective Capitalism symposium in Turku last week…

Call for papers for an ephemera special issue on: Affective Capitalism

Issue Editors: Tero Karppi, Anu Laukkanen, Mona Mannevuo, Mari
Pajala, Tanja Sihvonen

This special issue aims at describing and understanding the regime of
‘affective capitalism’. Read on CFP_AffectiveCapitalism_ephemeraSI