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Southend-on-Zine, Thurs 13th Oct 7pm

Club Critical Theory look forward to welcoming you to Twenty One on Thurs. Please try to arrive at 7pm to get a seat.

For those of you who have not been to Twenty-One before, the venue offers reasonably priced drinks, including local beer from Leigh brewery, lagers, wine, and food – various starters, pizzas and salads.

Full programme below. We will start with DJ sets, followed by a chaired discussion with our special guests, and opportunities to ask questions and comment.

We have an extension to after 11pm, so plenty of time afterwards to carry on discussions over a drink and more DJ sets.

About this event

Full Programme

Club Critical Theory Presents: Southend-on-Zine

We start at 7pm. Join us for a drink and DJ sets from Al Johnson (Ship Full Of Bombs Radio, Middle Aged Spread, Alien Music, Control Voltage) and Andrew Branch inspired by 50 years of fanzine cultures in Southend.

Introduction to CERG’s Club Critical Theory: Tony Sampson

Please join us for the main event centred around an open discussion on fanzine cultures and the publication of a new archive and reflection on zine cultures in Southend.

Graham Burnett, the author/archiver of the new book, Southend-on-Zine, moved to Southend on Sea when he was eight years old in 1969, and has lived here ever since. He started his own fanzine New Crimes with a couple of friends in early 1980. Inspired by punk’s anarchistic ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude and has been been self-publishing ever since.

Syd Moore, a bestselling novelist and activist. Her novels are mystery thrillers inspired by myths from the English county of Essex. Syd was the founding editor of Level 4, an arts and culture magazine, and co-creator of Superstrumps, the game that reclaims female stereotypes and the founder of The Essex Girls Liberation Front. https://sydmoore.com/

Tim Burrows (chair), a journalist and author. Through the years he has written for a wide range of publications including the Guardian, New Statesman, Vice, the Telegraph Magazine, Dazed & Confused, the Quietus and Somesuch Stories. A recurring subject in his work is society, politics and Essex. He is from Southend. https://www.theguardian.com/profile/tim-burrows

Russ Bestley, editor of journal Punk & Post-Punk, published by Intellect Books. Hitsville UK: Punk in the Faraway Towns. Graphic Subcultures Research Hub convened by Russ Bestley, based at LCC. https://researchers.arts.ac.uk/78-russ-bestley

After the discussion, we will return to DJ sets – event closes 11pm

The event is hosted by the Cultural Engine Research Group (Tony Sampson, Andrew Branch and Giles Tofield) and supported by the University of East London.

Registration, maps and more here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/southend-on-zine-launch-event-for-new-archival-book-on-fanzine-culture-tickets-413989823707

Best wishes,

Tony, Andrew and Giles