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Society for the Study of Affect Summer School Early Bird Deadline

Society for the Study of Affect
Summer School
July 29 to August 02, 2019
Characteristic post on this event from Greg Seigworth below – I’m the spam/virality/neuro guy 😉 Just to add that we’ll be looking at post-truthiness by way of songwriting workshops led by the very talented Mikey Georgeson (in the video).

Here’s today’s SSASS-y tidbit! Are you registered yet? If not, time to visit http://affectsociety.com/ … DON’T BE LATE FOR SSASS!

So, Tony D Sampson (that spam/virality/neuro guy) is co-convening seminar #4 with Mikey B Georgeson … Mikey was/is David Devant from the band ‘David Devant and His Spirit Wife.’ (See their video below!) With this convening duo, you are going to have all of your brain bandwidth and performance skills jammed with post-truthiness. Is this for real? Find out!



Just bookesafe_image.phpd flights for the SSA Summer School in Lancaster PA this summer. I’ll be doing a double act with artist, performer, musician, Mikey Georgeson.

If anyone has PhD, Prof Docs, MAs etc looking for affective toning this summer, then please pass on the details. Looks like a wonder experience.


Link: http://affectsociety.com/

Lancaster is fun in the sun!

Registration opens 1st April for #SSASS: ANIMATIONS AND PROVOCATIONS Society for the Study of Affect Summer School

I’ll be in Lancaster PA with Mikey Georgeson for #SSASS: ANIMATIONS AND PROVOCATIONS Society for the Study of Affect Summer School July 29 to August 02, 2019.

Registration will open here on the 1st April as will details about the seminar programme.


Neuroaffect Stream: Capacious: Affect Inquiry/Making Space

If the proposed panels come together at the Capacious Conference as well as they have just done on paper it’ll be a great summer…


Here’s a taster

Nudging the unconscious: uses of neuroeconomics in the universal basic income experiment; Neuroaffective Design and Fintech: nonintentional experience in high cost short term credit; Facebook’s Laboratory of Emotion; The Collective Effect: The politics of [shared user] experience; Neuropolitics, affective mythology and murmurations: a critical approach to culture, ideology and consciousness; The Affective Subject. Ontological considerations from neurosciences to psychology; Neuroplasticity’s Affective Conduits; Political Junkies: Affective politics and addictive rhetoric

Bookmark now and register when open

Capacious: Affect Inquiry/Making Space August 8 to 11, 2018, Millerville University, Lancaster PA, USA.