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A recent Wired article about Jason Kunesh (Director of User Experience for Obama) provides an insight into the UXD gurus and the mechanisms behind Obama-love. There’s an introduction by the author/interviewer Jason Cranford Teague, which (a) hints at the mostly unconscious appeal of UXD, much of which goes “unnoticed by the user,” and (b) explicitly notes how Obama’s political machine works on the “feelings” of voter communities. There’s even some funology in there too.

Photo by Jeff Ellis

“What makes for a successful use of web media in a Presidential campaign is not unlike what makes for any successful marketing enterprise: the user experience. User experience designers work hard to ensure that the a human’s interaction with technology is as pleasing as possible, but the irony is that the best user experiences are the ones that go unnoticed by the user — they just work. By that standard, the Obama user experience was a resounding success, enabling his supporters to feel like they were a part of the campaign.” (Read the full interview here: Dream Jobs You’ve Never Heard of: Director of User Experience for Obama for America Campaign)