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Reminder of our ‘leaving’ seminar 15th Dec UEL Docklands

It might not be Feel Good Friday, but thank your lucky stars it’s Thankful Thursday!

Emotions, Feelings, Affect, Work

Following a trajectory from the brawny body-machine couplings of the Taylorist factory to the supposed ‘post-Taylor’ cognitive workers and attention engines of the knowledge society; emotions, feelings, and affect have arguably remained a constant, yet under-scrutinized, factor of the management of labour. Indeed, recent interest in the colonization of emotions, feelings, and affect in the workplace perhaps misses the long history of feely managerial strategies…

Thurs 15th Dec at 4-7.30pm in SD103/SD104 (1st floor Sports Dock at UEL’s Docklands Campus) See https://www.eclab.uel.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Docklands-campus.pdf (number 3 on the map)


Thurs 15th Dec is a gap in the proposed RMT strike, so should be ok travel-wise.

OUR NEW ROOM INCREASES CAPACITY SO MORE TICKETS HAVE BEEN ADDED: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/emotion-feeling-affect-work-tickets-456912907807


Join us at 4pm for welcome drinks

Introduction (4.15) Chair: Andrew Branch

Andrew Calcutt: Affect and the Ineffectual (4.20)

Darren Ellis: By the Sweat of Your Brow You Will Eat Your Food Until You Return into the Ground! (4.40)

Lurraine Jones: Anti-Racism at Work: Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic (5.00)

Paula Reavey: Affective Surveillance and Distress: Mental Health First Aid England’s Take Over of the Workplace (5.20)

Tony Sampson: What the EmotionUX Lab Might Have Been (5.40)

Ian Tucker: ‘More or Less Digital’: The Changing (Topological) Relations of Home and Work (6.00)

Angie Voela: Affect, Psychoanalysis, Capitalism (6.20)

Q&A Chair: Andrew Branch (6.40)

We finish with special aesthetic derangements by Mikey Georgeson

How to Study the Metaverse: Cognition, Embodiment and Experience in Immersive Worlds | University of East London

You can join us online at this free research seminar on Wednesday.