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Fiction Machines: Part III (online)

You can now book tickets for Fiction Machines: Part III (online) an evening of screenings, talks and performances from artists, filmmakers and theorists, and a belated launch event for the Fiction Machines special issue of the International Journal of Creative Media Research. The event is free but booking is essential:


Fiction Machines – Part III

Ami Clarke, Tony D. Sampson, Maud Craigie, John Cussans, Andy Weir, Anna Engelhardt, Richard Carter, Mikey Georgeson, Harry Meadows, Ada Hao and Charlie Tweed

Fiction Probes in Art, Philosophy and Science – Tony D Sampson

The Centre for Media Research at Bath Spa University presents Fiction Machines – Part III, an evening of new screenings, talks and performances from artists, filmmakers and theorists. The work presented will highlight a diverse range of critical approaches that make use of particular fictional strategies in their conception and deployment.

This event will be the third part of the Fiction Machines project, which began as a symposium at Bath Spa University in July 2019, featuring keynotes from Professor Simon O’Sullivan (Goldsmiths and Plastique Fantastique) and Dr. Tony D. Sampson (UEL). The project evolved into a special issue of the International Journal of Creative Media Research, edited by Andy Weir (AUB), Tony D. Sampson (UEL) and Charlie Tweed (BSU) which launched in late 2020.The event will bring together all of the contributors to the IJCMR: Fiction Machines special issue, acting as both a launch event and a showcase of new works and research projects that build on its themes.

Contributors include

Ami Clarke who will present new work Pandemonium (working title), commissioned by Radar for Risk Related, and subject to further development through Clarke’s residency at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe in May 2021. It forms part of an ongoing body of work by Clarke exploring probability and risk within surveillance/disaster capitalism from a trans-feminist post-human position. Tony D. Sampson will present a talk on his recent research into neuroaesthetics. Maud Craigie will show an excerpt from her film Indications of Guilt, pt.1, along with some photographs from her current exhibition at Mirror, Plymouth.

John Cussans will present his new work PKD-AI: A proposal which outlines a plan to apply a GPT3-like AI to Philip K. Dick’s entire corpus of writing in order to produce a posthumous AI generated PKD novel. Richard Carter will showcase two new projects Orbital Reveries and Landform, which centre on the processing of satellite and drone imagery into multi-dimensional ‘textscapes’. Anna Engelhardt will present the project “Intra-structures” which treats infrastructures as intra-active processes, placing the user within Russian propaganda infrastructures via the fictioning machine of the telegram bot. Mikey Georgeson will present Professor Kimey Peckpo who will attempt a live stream of an auto fictional account of a real life walk emerging from the past beyond the perimeter of the CCNI.

Harry Meadows discusses Sasha Engelmann’s book Sensing Art in the Atmosphere: Elemental Lures and Aerosolar Practices, exploring the atmosphere as a metaphor for thinking, free from earthly constraints. Andy Weir shows a short video extract as part of new (theory and practice) work in progress on grounding and ungrounding, navigating planetary sites of nuclear toxicity through a mythic/materialist ontology (geo-fiction) of dust. Charlie Tweed presents an excerpt from a new sound project which uses fictional writing to respond to images generated by AI applications.

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Feeling Facts and Fakes: Digital Ecologies II: Fiction Machines keynote

Feeling Facts and Fakes: Digital Ecologies II: Fiction Machines keynote

My keynote at Digital Ecologies II: Fiction Machines in Bath next month will draw on material from a forthcoming book (working title) A Sleepwalker’s Guide to Social Media (due with Polity Press, 2020). For those attending it needs to be read in conjunction with the other keynote Simon O’Sullivan’s work on fictioning. e.g. Mythopoesis or Fiction as Mode of Existence: Three Case Studies from Contemporary Arthttps://www.simonosullivan.net/articles/Mythopoesis_or_Fiction_as_Mode_of_Existence.pdf

The below abstract should soon appear on the Digital Ecologies II: Fiction Machines symposium website alongside full details on the event. https://www.bathspa.ac.uk/news-and-events/events/digital-ecologies-ii/

I’ll also be taking a similar approach to the SSASS summer schools in Lancaster PA in late July with artist Mikey Georgeson whose Kemi Peckpo and the Deadends offer a comparable mixture of aesthetic, fiction machinics. The SSASS early bird registration has just been extended to mid June, so do take a look at the full line up.

Feeling Facts and Fakes in the Speculative Contagion of Shock Events


Politics is caught in a moment when strategic Big Lies bring big rewards, experts are marked as untrustworthy and factuality acquiesces to so-called post-truthiness. So where is theory in all this? Indeed, at a time when political impasses are all the rage, we find theory has itself gone down a comparable conceptual cul-de-sac. Despite much conjecturing about post-truth, we find a forced distinction between facts that are either brutally rational or decoupled from reality. This talk will draw attention to different ways of grasping the experience of fact. It aims to rethink political fabrication through Whiteheadian aesthetics, micro-shocks, SEO strategies, information voids and speculative contagion. The aim is to bring together feelings and thinking, aesthetics and politics, and consider the perhaps awkward facts about a people yet-to-come, but already on their way.