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Media Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and the Future of the Humanities

Taking The Assemblage Brain to China!
International Summit Conference: Media Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and the Future of the Humanities
Place: Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
Time: Oct. 27 to 28, 2018
Since 2013, Beijing Normal University hosts an international conference addressing a theme central to humanistic inquiry.  Interdisciplinary in scope, method, and perspective, the conference seeks to provide a forum for exchanging ideas in the Humanities that will be of significance and interest to academic communities in both China and beyond.  Toward that end in keeping with its established practice, this year’s conference brings together sixteen scholars whose work, ranging from media studies, philosophy, cognitive science, and literary and critical theories, promises to help expand the tradition this conference has established.  The possible topics to be explored include: media, technologies and epistemics, media and philosophers, neuroscience, humanism, non-humanism, and anti-humanism, elements and environment, politics of remediation, and others.
Briankle G. Chang, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mary Ann Doane, University of California, Berkeley
Weigui Fang, Beijing Normal University
David Gunkel, Northern Illinois University
Orit Halpern, Concordia University
Yi Jiang, Beijing Normal University
Myungkoo Kang, Seoul National University
Sybille Krämer, Free University of Berlin
Chao Liu, Beijing Normal University
Yuejia Luo, Shenzhen University
Tony D Sampson, University of East London
Peter Szendy, Brown University
Christian Vagt, University of California, Santa Barbara
Joseph Vogl, Humboldt University of Berlin
Yingjin Xu, Fudan University
Shunya Yoshimi, University of Tokyo
Siegfried Zielinski, Berlin University of the Arts