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Invitation to A Sleepwalker’s Guide to Deptford

I’m contributing to this wonderful Sleepwalking Tour with an introduction to media somnambulism live via video link as the walk begins…

You are invited to take part in a fun trance-forming ritual, animating the temporal substance of Deptford High Street.

About this event

A Sleepwalker’s Guide to Deptford

from 5.30pm – 7.30pm on Friday 4th March with Hypnogogic Light Machine to 8pmish

a FREE artist-led walk around Deptford produced by InspiralLondon

Meet by Little Nans tented Bar by exit of Deptford Station to finish at Badger Badger just nearby for Light Therapy and refreshments.

We are delighted to invite you to take part in the trance-forming ritual, animating the temporal substance of Deptford High Street and out beyond. You will enter the automatic realm of the sleepwalker awakened via sonic frequencies broadcast on smart phone devise (please bring a mobile telephone and head-phone-buds/overears). Once in the trance reality of an emerging story we will delve down south towards the Brookmill flows taking in the Hours of the poet Johny Brown. Listen out for the trance-formative lyrical tones of Mikey himself whose first single opened with the words “Sometimes London don’t seem so appealing but maybe your lover is living in Deptford”. Our sleepwalk begins with an introduction from Tony D Sampson author of A Sleepwalker’s Guide to Social Media and concludes with exclusive trial encounters with Mount Analogue’s Lucia No. 03 hypnogogic light machine further enhancing the vibes of empathetic entanglement our trance-forming ritual has summoned onto the plane of Deptford’s immanence.

With one eye on the virtual urban experience this walk channels the trance-ritual mind of the walking group. The collective non-conscious is regarded as a precognitive or a more than human experience. It is an impersonal user experience that exceeds the filtering of individual phenomenal experience. Using smart phones (please bring headphones) this extra-embodied walk takes the social-media realm as something potentially materially vital and incorporates trance ritual song and somnambulistic poetry. In association with CCNI (the centre for critical neuroaesthetic interferences) and Mount Analogue we are delighted to be able to offer a trial of the cutting edge *Lucia No. 03, advancing the transformational potentialities of Brion Gysin’s dream machine. Transformative trial sessions on thehypnagogic light machine will conclude the walk. The sleeper must awaken.

*Please note the Lucia N°03 hypnagogic light machine is not a medical device. It is contraindicated for sufferers of strobe intolerance due to a psychological condition such as a psychosis, anxiety disorder, sufferers of photosensitive epilepsy or individuals who have medical conditions with tendencies to have epileptic incidents. Pregnant women and children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the machine. Mount Analogue reserves the right to decline individuals access to the machine at any time.

Walk approx. 1.5 miles long With Light Therapy offered at end.

Join us outside Little Nan’s Bar by Deptford Railway Station from 5.30pm, the walk departs at 6pm and returns to Little Nan’s by the Station, the walk will last approximately 1.5 hour including stops along the way. You are welcome to join us for as little or as long as you wish.

Please bring warm waterproof clothing suitable for the February weather.